Thanks for joining me!

Hopefully you won’t think of this as “just another blog”.

My purpose for starting this was to help more people out there with their health, finances and dreams. Why? Because just going through life is unacceptable.

There is so much out there to explore, and so much potential in each of us to discover!  Work, family and drama chip away at what we are truly meant to be. Work may be rewarding for you, or it may just be a means of survival. Family is important, but they do take a lot from us on a daily basis. And drama, well, that’s pretty self-explanatory.

What are your dreams?

How can you make them a reality?

Is “Balance” in life even achievable?

We all have these questions, and I’m here to tell you….maybe.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it or give false hope. Yes, these things are achievable if you are willing to be a little selfish every day and concentrate on you.

It will take time, and most of all understanding, not just from those around you, but also from your own ego.

The Journey Begins in self-awareness and understanding your own needs. Take a moment right now and jot down YOUR dreams for YOUR-self. Not your kids or your family, just what you want.

If it’s a 20 minute bath with champagne uninterrupted, write it down.

Just take a moment for yourself. You will feel calmer and more at peace.

I’ll have more thoughts and exercises to help you in future posts.


The Dream Beach

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