I spent the last two weeks trying to learn more about the different aspects of my blog. I have a travel website called Epicurean Expats about living and traveling in Mexico. I’ve been working on creating more content, then moving on to the other details. These other details people seem to gloss over, but they take so much time. Think about it… a blogger is a content creater, proofreader, IT specialist, social media manager, and overall CEO over a very personal, but multiple-spoked project. For a person to be great at every aspect is near impossible.

The Technical Stuff

Let’s start with the technical side. It’s not as simple as just “write and publish”. No, you must first come up with an interesting idea and know about keywords, SEO and readability. Then add pictures after you enhance the color, crop out the trash cans, adjust the horizon, add captions and alt attributes (whatever those are).  All this helps the algorithm crawlers “find” your content and rank it.

The Social Media Stuff

Next you need to let your social media channels know. I’ve spent a lot of time on Twitter these last two weeks joining chats and retweeting others content. I even have a system worked out on scheduling my own content.

But when you concentrate on one, something else gets ignored. This past week was Instagram. So now I’ve joined a group that helps each other boost our photos with liking and commenting on Instagram.

My Facebook page has some activity with mostly just friends and family who occasionally like something just to be nice. I try to use Facebook Ads to boost a post each month, which has helped somewhat. Obviously, I still need to work on this.

This week I also tried to post my blogs to Pinterest. Not as easy as the youtube videos make it out to be. That’s going to take some more time.

I don’t bother with G+. I checked in one day and my entire feed was pictures of porn. I wrote a nasty email to G+ and haven’t been back since.

So Why Blog?

If I’m complaining, then why do it? Believe it or not, it’s nice to have something that you alone created, and if it’s successful, you know you did it on your own. Years ago I started my first travel blog because what I was finding on the iinternet wasn’t helpful. People wrote how they took the bus here, saw this, then took the bus there, and saw that but did not give any history or details about what they experienced. I wanted mine to be different, and it was, for awhile. Then my day job turned into  70 hours a week and there wasn’t any time to work on my blog baby.

Now I have a part-time job and I can commit hours a week to research, writing and social media. But as much as I like to share, I would still like my blog to “work” for me. In other words, it would be nice to make a passive income off what I love.

This month I joined affiliate marketing programs and Google Adsense. Now I just need to figure out how to leverage it on my site without looking like a ton of ads.

Circle Back to the Technical Stuff

And as I’m adding more content, I realize the stuff I wrote weeks ago is getting lost in “older posts”. Knowing our society has a very short attention span, if its not on the first page, they won’t go to find it. So I went back and added extra categories and checked other plugins for related posts or most popular posts. Internal linking is something that I’m using more of now that I’m writing more related content.

Blogging is work!

I’ll write some individual posts on these subjects as I figure things out. For now, I’ll just keep swimming…





4 thoughts on “Blogging Is More Than Just Content

  1. Nice article Tiffany, Blogging is hard for sure, but you have a very good perspective on it. I’ve been at it over and year, am very consistent but still find it hard to get good engagement. Always a work in progress.


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