Today is not my day for writing.

A blank page does not scare me, but the word vomit that ends up on the page does. I don’t have a problem coming up with ideas. I have a problem focusing on one idea and finishing it.

We went into town yesterday and showed our neighbors many of the highlights. We visited churches, photograph monuments, visited the local market and shared stories from history.

So today, I should have plenty to write about! The problem: I can’t organize my thoughts into focused content.

I thought of doing a photo montage of the farmer’s market. The colors were awesome, but the intro escaped me.

I have a post ready to publish on another topic but every time I look at it, I feel it’s naive and incomplete. It sounds like I’m trying to be an expert when I know I’m not. Just because I’ve been to a place multiple times, does not make me the expert when there is still so much to explore.


I’m frustrated because I have plenty to write about, but my mind is everywhere.

Today is a weak intro and sad conclusion day. Unfortunately, I will not get this time back.

But it’s a good day to read other blogs and get some inspiration. Always look for a positive!


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